This project was realized in the water treatment unit of Shelekhov Segment of Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station (former Irkutsk Thermal Power Station-5), Russia. The outdated system of water-purification was substituted in a phased manner with a modern system, based on membrane technologies, including three ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis units as well as auxiliary equipment. Thus, the  total capacity of the new department achieved 129 m3/h.
The aim of this project was a complete automation of ultrafiltration units (valve and pump control according to parameter settings), a common control of the new water treatment department (turning on/off of the definite units/devices in order to maintain an even water supply level) and a creation of visualization system allowing operators to monitor and control the process and access to  historical data.
Modernization of the department has been carried out in two phases: during the first,  the new water purification system provided 1/3 of the necessary water amount and 2/3 were provided by the outdated one; during the second phase, the system was activated to a full capacity and completely provided the treated water amount.
One of the main requirements of this assignment was providing a working capacity of the water production unit to its fullest extent in case of a possible failure of any part of water treatment system or any automatization component, because any water closure in the Thermal Power Plant would create an emergency stop, that is inadmissible during winter period of the northern region.
Another important requirement was a visualization of information received by operators, as well as an easy-to-use and accessible operation control.
The created system of automation allows to control the ultrafiltration devices in automatic, semiautomatic and testing modes; the reverse osmosis units in automatic and semiautomatic mode; make automatic testing of membrane integrity, make standard purification and inform about the necessary intensive purification of each ultrafiltration unit; it can provide rotation of the untis and, correspondingly, an uniform wear and tear.
The visualization system allows operators to keep track of the equipment operation, all available parameters schematically and the most important parameters graphically, to set up adjusted parameters of the whole department control or its separate units; the system informs about failures and necessary actions, allows to change the order of rotation, in case of a necessity to deactivate separate devices for a repair and maintenance. The most important parameters, events and emergency history are collected into the repository with a possibility to copy it to PC.
Taking into account that previously department operators didn’t have any experience with such kind of equipment and automatic control systems, a thorough training was arranged concerning the main principles of operation of the system, safety control and process optimization. Besides the automatics operation and vizualization interface are organized so that to exclude as much as possible wrong or critical activities of operators.
This project was implemented on the basis of PLC Siemens Simatic S7-300 and Siemens Simatic Multi Panel Touch graphic panels, in the year 2007-2008.

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