TEC-1 New boiler house

During the operation of the modernized TEC-1, Riga, Latvia, a need appeared for a backup boiler house to secure the supply of heat power into the network of Rigas Siltums/ Riga Heat enterprise that is the main heat supplier on the territory of Riga city.

During an implementation of this project, an additional boiler house was developed on TEC-1 consisting of the third boiler, 116MW, and a pump unit. The new boiler house is located in a separate building and can be operated in two ways: as an individual system, independent of the main boiler house, or as a consisting part of the whole boiler house; in that case the new boiler is operated together with the two existing boilers and pumps are included into the system of the main pumping unit.

The current scheme has been carried out to improve reliability of the boiler house – even in the failure of any facilities partly or fully stopping the operation of the whole boiler house, there is still an option to turn it off-line and operate the new boiler unit. At the same time, an operation in a shared mode enables an automatic loading distribution of the boilers as well as the water flow rate.

A control of the new boiler unit can be carried out by a local control panel or by the central control panel. The control system has been divided into the following components:


Boiler No 3

Proofing of boiler No 3

Facilities of the boiler houses

Facility proofing of the boiler houses


To control the most important parameters of the boiler house and secure proofing functions, specific controllers Siemens Simatic and combustion control modules DURAG have been utilized. In order to unify the automation system with already installed system of boiler and general equipment control, ABB AC160 controllers have been implemented.


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