This assignment has been implemented in a private house. Within a few years time there have been several systems set up and automated in the house.
The first stage  envisaged to organize  a heating system and a heat up of the hot water based on a central pellet boiler.  An under floor heating was chosen as a main heating system and radiators were used in other minor premises.
As a result, there was established the following system consisting of:
•    A central pellet boiler (standard automation of the boiler was replaced).
•    Two heating circuits (a circuit of under floor heating and radiator circuit), each includes circulation pump and an adjuster.
•    A circuit of the hot water heat up working on the recirculation pump of the boiler and consisting of an adjuster, a heat exchanger and a hot water circulation pump.

In order to optimize the fuel consumption, maintaining an optimal temperature of the hot water and air inside the house, the heating system had to be automated. Controller Unitronics Vision 230 was used for this goal with a built-in keyboard and a black-and-white graphics display. This kind of solution allowed to display all necessary information and provided control functions without a usage of an additional visualisation panel.    

Control algorithm adjusts  a temperature of the whole house taking into account weather conditions – reducing a heat rate in sunny days when rooms are warmed-up additionally by the sun rays, and increasing a heat rate in a cloudy weather. An uniform fuel utilization allows to reach a total combustion and, accordingly, a higher energy efficiency.  

Circulation is set up on the circuit of the hot water allowing to get a hot water upon turning on the tap, thus a cooled water is not wasted in vain.

As a result the automated heating system requires a human intervention only to charge a fuel into the bin (approximately once per 3-7 days, the period depends on outdoor temperature) and to clean a boiler from contamination at regular intervals of 2-4 weeks, depending on the load and the quality of pellets.

In the second stage a purification and water quality maintenance system was set up for a pond allowing to keep sensitive to a pollution and oxygen level kind of fish in it.

The water purification complex consists of two surface water intakes with built-in mechanical filters and pumps, the main mechanical filter with a pump, biological reactor, two lines of ultraviolet water treatment and copperization, each equipped with a separate pump, and an air compressor for oxygenation of water.

This stage aimed at automation of all water purification devices as well as setting up a control of a status of different elements signalling when a necessity of a maintenance or cleaning-up arises.
Controller Unitronics M90 with a built-in keyboard and black-and-white text display was used to establish a control of the whole complex.   

The pond control system provides water quality maintenance, informs  about possible failures of the equipment and an excess water level in the mechanical filter and facilities room, as well as a decrease of water level in different parts of the system that could endanger the work routine of pumps.

Due to a constantly high water quality in the pond besides unpretentious tenches, crucian carps and roaches there is a good environment for sensitive to pollution kind of fish such as coast rainbow trout and golden trout.

The third stage included a setup of automatic irrigation system of a homestead land allowing to irrigate the whole private territory and consisting of 9 separate zones.

The aim was to automate all watering zones with the possibility to adjust time and operation period of each zone.

Controller Unitronics Vision 350 with a built-in touch screen was used to implement this assignment.

The automated irrigation system provides a time setup function and a watering durance option for each zone, therefore the water feed turns on at the most suitable time for the plants of each zone, supplying a correct amount of water to any species of plants of each zone. Besides a rain sensor has been installed as a part of the system in order to avoid an excess watering.

All controllers involved in the setup of the whole system have been connected via CANbus.  The basic controller Unitronics Vision 270 allows to check the status of the whole system and control it at home, there’s no need to check personally all controllers separately.

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